A Hindu Mahasabha secretary has been accused of harassing air-hostesses on an IndiGo flight from Coimbatore to Chennai. Subhash Swaminathan is Secretary of the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha’s Tamil Nadu unit. The other two accused are Senthil and Raja, both of whom are lawyers.
All three have been accused of harassing women passengers and trying to take photographs of the air hostesses. A FIR has been registered against them.
The trouble started when after boarding the flight, one of the three tried to take the photograph of an airhostess which was objected by her and other passengers as well. 
The matter was reported to the airport authorities and the three were later detained by the CISF personnel. 
Air hostesses were heard saying, “They were drunk, groping and abusing.” 
Hindu Mahasabha is the same organisation that held a campaign this February on Valentine’s Day saying that the couples who are in a relationship should get married.
Earlier this year, they had called for a ban on jeans and skirts. 
They were the ones who had asked Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan to convert their religion into Hinduism because they were married to Hindu girls. 
The President of the Mahasabha tried to avoid controversy and by taking any step only after cross-checking the facts and ascertaining internally that one of their men is involved in this incident. 
This clearly looks like a delaying tactic because, despite the airport authorities having confirmed the identity of the person and the local police having accepted the filing of FIR, the President is still not convinced by it. 
Such a shameful act by the Secretary of the Hindu Mahasabha brings huge embarrassment to the organization and this is why the President is not giving any confirmation. 

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