Mumbai: The CBI on Thursday evening arrested former media tycoon Peter Mukerjea in connection with the murder of his step-daughter Sheena Bora.
Peter — the husband of one of the three prime accused and Sheena’s mother Indrani Mukerjea — was picked up from his Worli residence by a CBI team on Thursday evening and taken to the CBI office in south Mumbai.
The CBI lodged a thousand plus pages chargesheet which included 150 witnesses. The chargesheet has been filed against Sheena’s mother Indrani, her stepfather Sanjeev Khanna, and Indrani’s former driver Shyamvar Rai in the Esplanade court in Mumbai for allegedly murdering Sheena Bora, Indrani’s daughter from a previous marriage.Indrani is currently in custody of the Central Bureau of Investigation along with her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and her former driver Shyamwar Rai.
Peter was arrested after the other three when a CBI officer revealed his known involvement with the case. While his actual link to the murder was masked, the officer claimed that Indrani Mukherjea had dropped quite a few hints regarding her husband’s hand in the case.
Mikhail Bora, Sheena’s sibling and Rahul Mukerjea were brought to the CBI court this morning, along with Indrani who was produced in Court for further investigation. Mikhail had earlier come out and spoken about Indrani’s hesitant and terse answers when he questioned her about his sister’s whereabouts.
Rahul, who was engaged to Sheena brought attention to her disappearance following a sudden break up text from her out of the blue after a three-day silence.
Peter’s lawyer Mahesh Jethmalani, in turn of events has been extremely shocked by the recent arrest and stated that Peter informed him of the probing but didn’t give out any more information. 
In the wake of recent DNA tests conducted, the remains had been confirmed to be those of 24-year-old, Sheena Bora who was allegedly murdered in 2012.
(With inputs from IANS)

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