Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat has been in the news since Friday morning. Rawat, in attempts of putting up a wounded front, voiced his grief over slaughtering cows.
Calling cow ‘murderers’, enemies of the country, on the occasion of Gopashtami this Thursday, Rawat openly stated that such people “had no right to live in the country”. Expressing his grief over “brutally killing cows for consumption”, the CM called these people “cow slaughterers”.
Rawat stated that his state provided land for cowsheds and helped arrange fodder for the cows. He informed the public about the state government passing a proposal against cow slaughter.
What is ironic in the situation is that his stand goes against the one taken by his party in the Dadri lynching incident. The Dadri incident has been quite a shocker. Killing a man in a temple for allegedly consuming beef sounded heinous to most but justifying the same bordered on insanity.
Congress made a hue and cry of the situation when 52-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq Saifi was brutally killed in Uttar Pradesh. Ever since then members of Congress have expressed their distaste over controversial statements made by BJP leaders against beef bans.  However, nobody from Congress has commented upon Rawat’s recent comments.

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