MALAYSIA: A Malaysian police report has warned the presence of 10 suicide bombers in Kuala Lumpur where the ASEAN Summit is to be held this weekend. 
Malaysian police Chief Khalid Abu Bakar had released a statement mentioning that the internal police memo that had been leaked was authentic and there is a possibility of 10 suicide bombers in Kuala Lumpur and 8 in Sabah.
The top brass of different nations including PM Modi, US President Barack Obama and Chinese Premier are in Malaysia for the summit.   
Malaysia is in a state of high alert and the security of the summit has also been tightened.
With the frequent warnings of ISIS to target India next, the threats in different countries whichever is visited by PM Modi directly points towards the ISIS keeping an eye on India and its activities. 
Last week also, when Modi was in Turkey for G20 Summit, a similar threat was identified due to which the security of the venue was also tightened. 
Whether it is a co-incidence or not, but there is definitely some connection between PM Modi’s visit to different nations and, the same nations getting threats from the terrorist groups.
It is high time India understands the sensitivity of the issue and gears up for the same. 

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