After the launch of Patanji Atta Noodles without the mandatory approval, FSSAI has now issued a show cause notice to Baba Ramdev asking him to give his explanations within 15 days as to how did he launch his instant noodles without getting the necessary approval. 
The notice has been issued after a few days when Baba Ramdev clarified that the noodles have been launched after getting the approval. But actually, the licence number on the packet of the noodles gives the approval of the manufacturing of the product and not its launch. Therefore, FSSAI has issued the notice to Patanjali seeking explanation about the same. 
Tom Vadakkan, Congress leader commented on the same, “It is obvious that the food authorities will slap with a notice. I think it’s a good step and that in this country there are some people still who are controlling the affairs of the country.
On one hand Baba Ramdev claims that he had all the approvals before he launched the noodles and on the other hand, FSSAI says that no approval was given from their side to the noodles.
It is not that one of them is acting false but there is certainly a miss here which is making it all the more complicated.