MUMBAI: After The CBI slapped murder charge on Peter Mukerjea and accused him of playing a major role in the killing of his stepdaughter Sheena Bora, his son, Rahul Mukerjea has come forward saying that his father is innocent and the charge of murder is absolutely outrageous.
A former Star India CEO and co-founder of INX Media Pvt. Ltd., Peter Mukerjea has been accused of murder charge and criminal conspiracy. He has also been accused of suppressing vital information from the Mumbai Police and the CBI and destroying evidence related to the case. 
It is believed that Indrani wanted the property for her daughter Vidhie for which she decided to eliminate Sheena and her brother Mikhail Bora.
The relations among the family members, finance, inheritance, property could be the reasons behind the murder. However, the motive is yet not clear.
The recorded conversation between Peter Mukerjea and his son Rahul is considered to be one of the leads in this case. Rahul had called Peter asking Sheena’s whereabouts to which Peter told him that Sheena was in the US and was doing fine. The CBI is now questioning as to why did Peter lied to his son about Sheena.
This has raised a big question on Peter Mukerjea’s involvement in the entire conspiracy right from the very beginning.
The CBI produced Peter before Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate R.V. Adone who sent him to CBI remand till Monday.
After the three months when this came into light, the case has reignited, opening many new angles and making the case all the more complicated.