Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal today held a press conference in New Delhi where he accused the Congress party of aligning with the radical anti-national groups to gain power in the State. 
This move came after Congress and other opposition parties in Punjab slammed Punjab chief minister Prakash Singh Badal for his controversial remarks in which he suggested that Congress was planning to align with radical groups for the forthcoming assembly elections.  
Addressing the conference, the deputy CM said that everyone knows what Punjab went through in the 80’s—those 15 years of militancy, disturbance, thousands of Punjabis were killed, there was communal as well as disturbance of peace in Punjab.  Everyone knows during that time how it started, how in order to fight Akali Dal, the Congress encouraged certain elements which then went out of control and that led to the full 15 years of disturbance in the state, which even threatened the nation’s integrity. Today Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi is trying to create the same environment in Punjab. 
Mr Badal went on to say that Congress has created a mahagathbandhan with terrorists and separatist organizations just for their party’s political gains without taking into consideration that these organisations were against India and against Punjab. “They want to disturb the peace of the State and the country, and all these organizations have direct links with Pakistan’s ISI. You must reflect recently, the whole role has been exposed with the presence and planning of Congress during the rally that took place in Amritsar district,” he said. 
“I want to tell the nation that that Congress is actually showing its true colours and is an anti-national party. Why Congress is doing this? Congress completely planned the rally, participated in it, even the resolutions which were passed in the rally where the biggest demand was Khalistan, Independent country, and create disturbance in the state were part of all the resolutions,” Badal said.
He added that there were some audio clips in social media in which the Congress MLAs were seen directing the separatists—what to say on stage, what should be the resolutions, and how the whole thing should be conducted. They were all promising how each Congress MLA would be provided with thousands of people for this rally. Congress leaders including Amrinder’s close aide shared the stage with pro-Khalistan leaders.
Punjab Deputy CM said that Congress was showing its true colours now. The party was hand in gloves with terrorists and colluding with terrorists. He said that Congress be declared an anti-national party, because Congress was behind Punjab’s unrest. “They want to divide the Sikh population to fight the Akalis. History is repeating itself just like in the 1980s,” he added.
It is reported that a delegation of the Punjab government is planning to meet President Pranab Mukherjee and ask him to declare Congress an anti-national party.
Sukhbir Badal said, “There is a big conspiracy behind the sacrileges; there is a lot of things… Punjab police has got some clues… there is foreign hand including ISI and others and that is precisely the reason we have handed over ‘sacrilege’ case to the CBI. CBI will investigate who is behind these sacrileges and who’s planning it. It’s a strategy planned by separatists organisations.
Reacting to the Deputy CM’s claim, Congress leader Rajiv Shukla said, “Cong is the biggest party which has fought for the country, bought freedom to the country and is nationalist to the core; nobody can dispute and question it. The doubts have always been raised on parties like Akali Dal”.