Saharanpur: Speaking exclusively to NewsX today after his Saharanpur Padayatra, Rahul Gandhi attacked the Modi Government for not meeting the promises that they had made to the farmers during their election campaign.
Rahul said that the pressure on the agricultural system was too high. When the Congress was in power they always tried to support the farmers. They had even waived off 70,000 crore of farmer debts as well as increased the MSP each year. They had always stood with the farmers, whether there was a loss of crops from heavy rainfall or from hail.
The Congress party had responded immediately when the state of Maharashtra suffered a drought. Modi ji, Rahul said, was not focused on the problems of the farmers. He had promised a 50% increase in MSP but nothing really happened.
Rahul also spoke about the Modi government’s real intentions in the case of the land acquisition bill.
“Before the parliamentary elections each of their ministers supported the land acquisition bill but the moment the Modi government came into power they tried to change the bill.
Three things that they tried to change were—first that when the farmer’s land is being acquired he should not be consulted; second the farmer will lose his land once it is acquired; and third was social audit.
“Behind all this, Rahul said, the main intention of the Modi government was to take away the lands of the farmers and acquire them for their own needs. “We stopped them from doing this,” said Rahul.
He said that PM Modi had failed not only the farmers but also the youth, to whom he had promised jobs and regular employment.
According to Rahul, the feeling of hope that was present a year and a half back was not present anymore. He said, Modi ji had failed to deliver and this was the reality.
When asked by the NewsX reporter if this padayatra of his was the beginning of his ‘Mission UP’, Rahul denied this. He said his padayatra was for the farmers of India. His aim was to pressurize the present government and to force them to look into the problems the farmers were facing and the hardships that they are enduring every day. He said he wanted the media too to focus on this and let the public know what the nation’s bread winners—the farmers—were going through.
BJP spokesperson, Sambit Patra when asked to respond on what Rahul Gandhi brought up, said “He (Rahul Gandhi) is frustrated. India is leading in all fronts be it economic or anything. Inflation is down. People are very satisfied with the Narendra Modi government. We haven’t failed the people of India.”