Addressing an ecstatic Indian crowd in Singapore on Tuesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi eloquently expressed the growth potential and the inherited harmonious nature of the country. He mentioned that India was one of the youngest nations in the world; 800 million Indians are below 35 years of age.
Modi expressed that India’s image in foreign countries depended entirely on the Indian expats. And confirming that the Indian Diaspora was rooted in the feeling of love and brotherhood, Modi said that India was gaining trust all over the world. 
The Prime Minister said that India had a lot to learn from Singapore, but even the country itself had its own constraints like India and that it was beneficial for both to strive to be better together. 
On climate change, Narendra Modi shared that India was taking all the initiatives necessitated for tackling global warming. 
Making a strong pitch for FDI at Singapore Expo, PM Modi said, “The rate of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) since the last government has increased by 40%,” stating that FDI for him meant ‘First Develop India.’ According to Modi, Rupee bond investment in the London Exchange had been enabled which would boost the value of Indian currency. 
The Indian PM said that India’s entry into the uranium supply arrangement was a sign of growing trust. 

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