The second day of the Winter Session of Parliament today again saw the tolerance debate being taken up.
Opposition leader in the Rajya Sabha, Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad exclaimed that the BJP was trying to render Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s contribution to the constitution obsolete and said that this was a clear indication of ‘intolerance.’ 
Mr. Azad proclaimed that the government was “trying to rewrite history” by declaring November 26 as Constitution Day which was reeking of political motives.  
“I want to ask the prime minister, where did this new date of November 26 come from? What happened to January 26 that Dr Ambedkar gave us?” Mr. Azad asked. 
Mr. Azad reiterated on the issue of perceived intolerance in the country by stating, “I have to say this that the environment which has been there for the past few months is against our Parliament. And the leader of the house says that this has been manufactured.” 
Ghulam Nabi Azad spoke on the Constitution anniversary debate and mentioned the following:
It is necessary for some people who didn’t accept the Constitution or Tricolour to begin with to commit themselves to it today. We who fought the freedom struggle don’t need it.
Preamble starts with Pandit Nehru’s ‘objectives’ and you are not taking his name? 
Intolerance grows from the top and percolates down. That you talk about the Preamble of the Constitution and do not talk about Pt Nehru’s contribution. Patel, Netaji, Nehru all belong to the country.
Blanking out Nehru is BJP’s intolerance. The Govt is deliberately not recognizing the contribution of Pt. Nehru in the Constitution process. This is intolerance, that the Govt is not able to recognise the contribution of the first Prime minister of India.
I have said that terrorists should not be spared. But what about Samjhauta Express, etc.? You should not go slow on some trials and speed up others. This was a subtle hint on the Hindutva groups.
So you can talk of Nazi Germany in your constitution speech but we can’t talk of Nehru ji?

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