Former Union Minister, Farooq Abdullah, on Saturday ignited a political upheaval by stating to the press that PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) was a part of Pakistan and would remain with Pakistan. 
The Former Union Minister gave an unveiled political statement by saying, “It (PoK) is a part of Pakistan, and it will remain with Pakistan. It (J&K) is a part of India, it will remain with India. It is for India and Pakistan to discuss the issue and it is entirely up for them to decide.” 
Asked about Abdullah’s statement, BJP member Rajiv Pratap Rudy said, “I don’t know in what pretext he has said this or what connotation he has, but the fact remains that Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) is a part of India, and it should have been a part of India. At this point of time, it is under an unauthorised occupation of Pakistan. Having said that, in Jammu & Kashmir, more than two dozen seats are there which belong to the PoK region of Pakistan which is under Pakistan now and which has yet to seek election. For years, there haven’t been any elections. India and the world must know that PoK is an integral part of India.” 
Deputy CM Nirmal Singh responded to Farooq’s statement by saying that these types of thoughts were not constitutional. He said that any outstanding issue that India had with Pakistan was of the PoK region which was illegally occupied by Pakistan. “Pakistan has no claim in PoK. It is constitutionally a part of India,” he said. 
Jitender Singh MoS PMO, said that the Parliament was the best place to discuss such issues. What had been passed in the Parliament in 1994 should not be challenged outside the parliament. 
Babul Supriyo BJP MP said that Abdullah had not spoken for India. He said that it was for the mandate of India to decide whether PoK belonged to Pakistan or not. 
Amidst the condemnation, Omar Abdullah, Farooq’s son and Former CM of Jammu & Kashmir, took to Twitter to express his surprise in which the media had received his father’s statement, “I’m amazed that the channels are treating my father’s views as though they are something he’s never said before.”