In a parliament session steering into the murky waters of intolerance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday articulated about the importance of constitution in a significantly diverse country. 
Narendra Modi unhesitatingly addressed the parliament about the positive developments which the previous government had affected in the country. 
On BR Ambedkar, Modi said that he was one of the many great people of the country who drafted such a perfect constitution that it still effectively upheld even today. Through Ambedkar, Modi constructed a proverbial personality who was devoid of revenge and enmity. Modi emphasized Ambedkar’s contribution to the constitution by pointing out that people who criticized and people who supported the government could both quote from BR Ambedkar. 
The government’s decision to mark 26th November as Constitution Day was not a move to overshadow the importance of January 26, he said. He exclaimed that such a diverse nation like India needed the power of constitution to bind them all together. The Prime Minister stated that it was vital for the state to educate the masses about the strength and the sanctity of the Indian constitution. To maintain democracy, it is equally important to uphold all the constitutional measures, the Prime Minister was quoted as saying.
Modi brought attention to Nehru by recalling an instance where Nehru accepted Lohia’s comment about the ineffective of his policy. “That was his maturity,” Modi said. 
Bringing the light to his government, Narendra Modi said that his government was motivated by only one agenda i.e. “India First.” Modi said that the previous government had enabled progressive developments in the country which was undeniable. The Prime Minister pointed out that it was wrong to force one’s opinion on the other just because one was among the majority in the house. Modi suggested that the Constitution had to be constructed in such a way so that the marginalized and the poor were all equally assisted. 
PM Modi concluded his speech with his ‘Idea of India.’