Former Jammu and Kashmir CM Farooq Abdullah today gave clarification over the remarks that he made yesterday that Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) would remain with Pakistan and J&K with India.

In an address to the media today he said that all of India’s forces together were incapable of fighting against terrorists and militants in the valley.

The only solution to the Kashmir problem Farooq felt was dialogue. “People-to-people contact is essential. That is how fear is fought,” he said.

Farooq while addressing the media, said, “I have always maintained my stand. Neither is India capable of taking PoK, nor is Pakistan capable of taking Jammu & Kashmir”.

“PoK is and will remain a part of Pakistan; J&K is and will remain a part of India,” Farooq said. 

Mentioning that both India and Pakistan were nuclear powers, Farooq reiterated former Prime Minister AB Vajpayee’s statement when India had conducted its nuclear test in Pokhran, “I still remember Vajpayee’s statement when he said we have done this nuclear test to inform the world that India is a nuclear power, but we won’t use it till there is any sort of threat to the nation”.

Farooq also mentioned Vajpayee’s statement that if India and Pakistan remain friends, then both of them will prosper. But if they remain enemies then neither Pakistan will prosper and nor it will be an easy task for India to develop.  

“If Vajpayee ji had not been ill for such a long time, there might have been some solution to the problem of Jammu and Pakistan and other issues India had with Pakistan,” Farooq was quoted as saying.

He said, “A solution which is acceptable to the majority of India, to the majority of Pakistanis and the majority of J&K and Ladakh was acceptable to us”.

The National Conference Chief mentioned that even till today, India was unable to bring back Kashmiri Pandits to J&K. He confessed that India had to talk about the welfare of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians in totality. 

“I am an Indian Muslim, I am a Hindustani and I will die a Hindustani,” the former CM stated to the media.

Speaking on Farooq’s statements, National Conference leader Junaid Mattu said, “Farooq’s statement is pragmatic; people have a right to disagree with Farooq. Questioning Farooq’s patriotism is unfair; AB Vajpayee ji judged by a different yardstick”. 

NC spokesperson Mattu also clarified on Farooq’s statement and said, “Farooq meant that war is not the answer”.

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