In a scathing attack to Arvind Kejriwal’s Jan Lokpal Bill, Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan vehemently criticized how the bill had transformed since the Aam Aadmi Party officially assumed governance. 
Sharing his displease over the bill in a press conference on Saturday, the former Law Minister Shanti Bhushan said, “Arvind described it (Jan Lokpal Bill) as a Jokepal, then Arvind’s bill is a Mahajokepal. Because he says, out of four members of the selection committee, two will be government: Chief Minister and Speaker, under the control of the Chief Minister. How is it an independent Lokpal bill? 
“The bill is supposed to investigate politicians and politicians constitute 3/4th of the selection committee,” he said. 
Prashant Bhushan, lawyer and son of Shanti Bhushan, said, “We put all our efforts into making a bill which was completely independent and powerful and which would answer all questions. But Arvind had this agenda in his mind from the start that ‘we are all doing this for the seat, and once we achieve this, we won’t let anyone deter us.'” 
Prashant further added that, “They have made such a Lokpal Bill (we feared that this would happen) that the bill will firstly stay under the control of the govt.”
Soon after the Bhushans launched the attack on Kejriwal, AAP official Raghav Chadha confronted the news with a rebuttal, “Prashant Bhushan has, through a press conference, put some questions for the Delhi govt’s 2015 Jan Lokpal Bill. We welcome them. However, this was not a press conference by Prashant Bhushan, but this was a BJP’s press conference,” he stated. 
The Bhushans, who were among the founders of the AAP, claim that the presented Jan Lokpal Bill by the Delhi govt is completely different from the one they had originally proposed. They also demanded Kejriwal’s resignation. 
In an outright rejection of the Bhushans’ claims, AAP leader Kumar Vishwas voiced his opinion on Twitter, “We are committed to the Lokpal exactly what was drafted and committed at Ramlila Maidan; not even a comma/full stop changed. If any scope of betterment is there, it will be thoroughly discussed in the house by the elected representatives of Delhi.”
The Bhushans claim
Appointment of Lokpal not autonomous 
Govt carrying out appointment
3/4 committe members part of/appointed by govt
Jan Lokpal Bill diluted

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