Mumbai:  The Maharashtra unit of the Congress on Saturday filed a complaint with Mumbai police alleging “tampering” with the Preamble of the Constitution, a party leader said.
A delegation led by state Congress spokesperson Raju Waghmare met Commissioner of Police Ahmad Javed and submitted the complaint highlighting 22 instances of tinkering with the Preamble which was not in consonance with the official gazette translation of the document.
The issue came to light in the form of advertisements released on November 26 to mark Constitution Day, which had pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the architect of India’s Constitution B.R. Ambedkar.
“The manner in which the words have been tampered with in the Preamble in these ads have altered their meaning and this tantamounts to an insult of the Constitution,” Waghmare said.
“It is an arbitrary act done with the intention to create a panicky situation among the people of the country, wherein a situation of fear will be created,” he said in the complaint.
Waghmare demanded an inquiry into the lapses and booking of those responsible for insulting the Constitution which attracts a jail term of three years and fine or both.