Just a few days after it was reported that one of the biggest mid-air collision between a Vistara flight and an Air India flight was averted after the two planes came as close as 2 kilometres while flying at an altitude of 27,000 ft in air, the horrors surrounding the air travel just doesn’t seem to end any time soon. As per the European aviation regulator’s order, all the 320neo (new engine option) aircrafts must be withdrawn from air travel. However, India still has 14 such planes in operation currently, where either one or both the engines are flawed. All the 320 neos are fitted with two engines only.

As per reports, Indigo is the only passenger carrier which grounded three of its aircrafts soon after the order was released. As per the order released by the European aviation regulator, all the 320 neo aircrafts carry both Pratt and Whitney (PW) engines, which were of a faulty category. As per a report by TOI, the European Aircraft manufacturer stated that India has 14 A320neo aircrafts are in operations where either two PW engines or one is of the engine is said to be of the faulty category. All the neo aircrafts like A320 carry two engines so in case one engine fails the plane can land safely with the help of the other engine.

Meanwhile, slamming the neo aircrafts the aviation experts stated that an aircraft going in the air with one faulty engine can never ensure safety. On February 9, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued a directive that the PW engines were more susceptible to failure. Taking the cognizance of several occurrences of engine failures A320 neo, the directive stated that all those aircrafts should be grounded. However, the directive issued an exemption to all the aircrafts which use only one engine of the category. Following this directive, it was reported that there are 11 aircrafts with two faulty engines of the category, while 21 aircrafts with one faulty engine are in operations currently. However, the report did not specify how many of those were currently being used by India.

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