Mumbai: Some Muslim groups protested against Marathi newspaper ‘Lokmat’ following a blasphemous cartoon that was published in the newspaper’s Sunday edition which irked the Muslim Community. An FIR had been registered against the newspaper.

The row took place after Lokmat published an article with the name ‘ISIS cha Paisa’ (ISIS’s money) that has a morphed image of a ’swine’ having ‘Allah Rasul Muhammad’ written on its face. It is actually taken from the ISIS flag that has a seal inscribed with these names in a white circle.

Muslim groups vandalised offices and also burned copies of the tabloid during their protests. They also appealed to the masses to boycott the newspaper.

The controversial image shows  a piggy bank with different currencies are falling into it.

It is widely known that consumption of pork is prohibited in Islam and thus Muslims consider pig to be a dirty and filthy animal. As a result, the use of a morphed image in Lokmat led to a series of protests and backlash in several parts of the State.

Moiz Ansari, city President of All India Momin Conference has scheduled a protest against the tabloid at a square in Jalna on December 4 after the Friday prayers.

The associates of the Conference have started to circulate the appeal calling masses to remain present.

Meanwhile, the editor of Lokmat has apologised for the derogatory image and has assured immediate action against the guilty.

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