Tuesday morning saw the city of Chennai—already dampened to the core by an incessant amount of rain and poor drainage system—receive an unprecedented rain of 6.4 cm in 12 hours till 8:30 am. 
Near the Adyar area, people were asked to move to a safer altitude as 7500 cusecs of water was being released from Sembarapakkam Lake. 
At Mandaveli, a walkthrough on a road caved-in due to excessive water logging. General public was informed about the danger of electrocution amidst the deluge and were warned to stay at a safe distance. 
Another road also caved-in near Madhya Kailash area in the city. 
Educational institutions in Kancheepuram and Cuddalore have been closed for now. 
It has been forecasted in the coming days that a scattered pattern of heavy rainfalls will hit the city. This is mainly due to the trough of low pressure at the Southwest of Bay of Bengal. 
Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned about the Chennai rainfall in his recent appearance in CoP21 Climate Summit in Paris. 
(With inputs from IANS)