Condemning Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence on the incidents of intolerance across the country, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi sought union minister V.K. Singh’s abdication from the ministry after the latter compared Dalit children with dogs. 
Speaking about intolerance in the Lok Sabha, Gandhi said that the prime minister was silent over incidents such as the lynching of a Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh and the brutal killing of rationalist Narendra Dabholkar in Maharashtra. 
Rahul Gandhi accused Minister of State of External Affairs V.K. Singh who challenged the constitution with his remarks on the incident in Haryana where two Dalit children were killed. 
“He called Dalit children dogs. He directly challenged the constitution by equating Dalit children with dogs. How does the prime minister allow him to continue (in the council of ministers)?” Gandhi asked.
V.K. Singh sparked a huge uproar in October when he cited the example of stoning dogs while speaking about the burning of two Dalit children in a Haryana village. The minister later said that he had been misunderstood. 
V.K. Singh said in an interview in Ghaziabad that, “For everything, like if somebody throws a stone at a dog, the Central Government is not responsible. It does not happen like that.” 
(With inputs from IANS)