The group that gang-raped two women and filmed them while raping and posted the videos on WhatsApp in Odhisha have been free till now, however, first arrest in the case has been made this week.

CBI trapped Subratu Sahu of Bhubaneshwar earlier this week, informed activist Sunitha Krishnan, who launched a campaign called ‘Shame The Rapist’ to recognize the men and have them punished after she was alerted to the atrocious videos last month. 

According to the sources, the man arrested in the case would possibly be brought to Delhi today.

Hyderabad based activist, Sunitha Krishnan is herself a rape survivor and runs an NGO. She was gang-raped eight times at the age of 15. Krishnan said that she was alerted about the video by an acquaintance who informed that the video is getting viral on WhatsApp. 

The Supreme Court late last month acted suo moto or of its own accord and asked the CBI to look into the case. 

Ever since the orders from the apex court, eight cases have been registered by the CBI. The suspects are alleged to be coming from West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Odhisha.