Adding to the concern mounting over radicalisation of Indian nationals by ISIS recruiters, the arrest of an ISIS recruit in Rajasthan has lead to a further link in the chain with a South Indian woman apparently radicalized by the terrorist group’s ideology.  

The woman, who is believed to be 25-26 years of age, was the main target of the investigative agencies as she had been ‘extremely’ radicalised.  Sources say that the ISIS recruiter was not on the official radar of investigative agencies.

Agencies had been monitoring the woman hailing from a metropolitan city in South India and it was only when the woman started to show patterns of extreme radicalized behaviour—especially online—that the agencies encroached upon the woman.

It was through tracking the behaviour of this woman that the agencies were able to come across the recruiter in Rajasthan.

The recruiter had allegedly made an effort with a minor arson in a prevalent infrastructural Indian company where the youth was employed. Had he not been tracked, his actions would have impended dire international consequences, reports say.

The girl has been spoken to by her parents and is deemed to have become de-radicalised.


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