New Delhi:  Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan’s intolerance remark has come in for much criticism but actress Sonam Kapoor says the actor has been quoted out of context and rather than creating a furore about his comments, it is important to understand the reason behind his fears.
At an event here last month, the “PK” actor revealed that his wife fears the safety of their child and wants to leave the country and that there is “growing despondence” in the nation.
However, Sonam feels that people have perceived his statement in a wrong way.
“People have taken the statement out of context. Have you seen his entire interview or have you just picked out that one statement? It was just a living room discussion. He basically said that he is scared that this thought has entered his mind,” she said during a session at Agenda Aaj Tak.
“I think it was criticising. If somebody can critique something, that doesn’t make him an anti-national. I think constructive criticism is always healthy. If someone is criticising my performance, it doesn’t mean that he hates me. It means he doesn’t like what I have presented on the screen. I think it’s very important to not take things to heart,” she said.
The “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” actress said that she fears that Aamir might never speak his mind after being a victim to such criticism and hatred. 
“Aamir was just laying out his fears. And the very fact that the people have been so negative and disgusting towards him, now, do you think he will ever speak about anything in public? So, you understand why an intelligent man like Aamir is saying all this, rather than calling him an anti-national. Maybe what he said was too strong … but it wasn’t irrelevant,” Sonam said.

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