Internationally acclaimed artist and painter, Hema Upadhyaya, 45, was found dead. Her body was found stuffed in a box in a drain in Kandivali on Saturday night. Along with her, the body of Hema’s lawyer, Haresh Bhambani, 65, was also found gagged and wrapped completely in plastic in a cardboard box. 
Police are suspicious that Hema’s husband, Chintan Upadhyaya, may have a hand in this gruesome murder. The couple had filed for divorce in 2010. 
So far, police have detained three suspects involved in dumping the bodies. The main accused is supposed to have traveled and reached Madhya Pradesh after the incident. It was a CCTV footage which drove the police into swift action in detaining the suspects. 
As per recent reports, the main suspect in this twin murder case, Sadhu Rajbhar has been arrested by UP STF and is being questioned by the team in Varanasi. 
The causes of Hema and her lawyer’s death are still unknown. 

The police are yet to conduct the interrogation of Hema’s husband who has been marked as a subject of interrogation in Hema’s death.