In what is being interpreted as another subterfuge for halting the parliamentary process, Rahul Gandhi on Monday raised a slew of objections against Prime Minister Narendra Modi accusing his party of carrying out specific acts of targeted political seclusion.
Separating the reasons for his salvo into three points, the Congress vice president mentioned the following to the press:
(1) The exclusion of Kerala CM Oomen Chandy from a state function which is going to be attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rahul Gandhi said that the voice of the Kerala CM was the voice of the people of Kerala and that the CM represented the people of the State.
(2) Rahul Gandhi said that the people were aware of what happened in Punjab where lots of innocent people were butchered. The Congress vice president briefly touched upon the subject of Dalits and the atrocities they faced in Punjab.
(3) Probably the highlight of the conference, Rahul Gandhi vehemently claimed that he was restricted from entering a temple in Assam by RSS people. While in Assam, Rahul decided to visit the Barpeta temple, but when he tried to enter the temple, he alleged that he was stopped by women who were RSS supporters. “Who are they to stop me entering a temple?” he said.
“In Kerala, exclude the Chief Minister; in Assam, do not allow me to enter the temple, and in Punjab, kill the Dalits. That is Narendra Modiji’s thinking. And it is not acceptable to us, it is not acceptable to the people of Kerala, to the people of Punjab, to the people of Assam, and to the people of India.” 
Rahul Gandhi concluded the press conference by saying that the BJP had to change their political tactics.

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