NEW DELHI: As the fight within the Aam Aadmi Party intensifies with each passing day, one of the strongest members of AAP Yogendra Yadav on Friday addressed a press conference along with Prashant Bhushan in New Delhi. 

Speaking to media, Yadav expressed that his party was born out of a revolution and ‘people have large expectations from the party’.

He added that AAP stands unique and is unlike any other party in India. “A lot of things have happened in last few weeks,” Yadav said and added, “AAP is the only party where questions of transparency and internal democracy are at least being taken up.”

Here are the highlights of Yogendra Yadav’s speech: 

• It a struggle to hold the soul of the movement
• Conditional resignation and actual resignation are two different things
• We have raised the issue that charges floating in the party over liquor confiscation, etc, need to be investigated 
• The issue about who will be the national convener for AAP has not been taken up at all
• Even though AAP’s Constitution was removed from the party’s website; we still have a copy of it.
• According to the party’s constitution, National Council is not the debate where decision on national convener can be taken.
• Trust within AAP has broken in last few weeks
• We are delighted that National Council Meet tomorrow will discuss some important issues
• The major question is – Will AAP become like any other party?
• Will the party enjoy a regional status or will have national ambitions?

Highlights of Prashant Bhushan’s Speech:

• I had sent an SMS to Arvind Kejriwal while he was returning from Bengaluru urging him to meet us and sort out the existing issues. But unfortunately, the Delhi Chief Minister has still not been able to find time for us.
• We were told only one thing:”You first resign from the National Executive; rest will sort out later”.
• We were even asked not to raise any matter regarding the party Chief.
• Not only this, we were also informed that Arvind Kejriwal cannot work with us anymore
• Kejriwal stated that either we have to split; else he will form a regional party with his 66 MLAs.
• The entire drama started after the Lok Sabha Elections.
• While the idea of taking support from Congress to form the government in Delhi had started floating, a PAC meeting was called and five members opposed such an idea. Arvind Kejriwal then said that, he being the Convener can take this call.
• We even told Kejriwal that in this manner, the party will split and the matter was then referred to the National Executive.
In the mean while, a letter was sent to the Delhi LG and the same got leaked in the media.
• After rejection from the Congress to support any AAP government, the party was strongly impacted.
• As we continued to oppose this stand, we were even kept in dark over the negotiations that were taking place.
• I always told Arvind Kejriwal about his two weaknesses; first that you want to take all your decisions in an autocratic way, you do not want anyone to stand against your decision.
• Kejriwal answered me that he has never been in an organization where his decisions were not accepted.
• Secondly, a good intention is not sufficient, your means also need to be just and fair
• Lies are being spread out regarding our resignation. We had offered to resign only after our five demands were met, but the same never happened
• We repeat what we said: If our five demands are met, tomorrow morning we will resign from all party executive posts
• In our letter regarding the National Council Meeting tomorrow, we have demanded that it should be held in a civilized manner and should be video-graphed. We have been told that all those attending the meeting tomorrow should not carry their mobile phones.
• Last few days have seen a lot of lies regarding me that I am running a campaign asking people over the phone to promote me for the post of National Convener.
• I even supported the idea of Kejriwal continuing as the national convener after he takes over as the Delhi CM.