We denied her justice. We as a nation failed Nirbhaya by letting a brute walk free. 5 days from now, a man who committed the gravest of crimes as a boy will be released, neither reformed nor repentant.

Our netas have failed us by not passing the Juvenile Justice Amendment Bill. For the last 7 months it has been pending in the Rajya Sabha. These 7 months could have made a difference and ensured this Juvenile wouldn’t have walked free.

It’s time for us to come together, to ensure that we don’t betray another Nirbhaya and another rapist doesn’t get away scot-free just because of his age. It may not be in our hands to stop Nirbhaya’s rapist today but we can change tomorrow.

NewsX is now taking forward a campaign to ensure the Amendment is passed before another rapist walks away courtesy the lacunae in the law.

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