New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi today at Jantar Mantar joined protests led by West Bengal Congress Chief Adiranjan Choudhary against the death of tea workers in Bengal. The opposition led by the Congress claimed that the deaths were a result of starvation and it sought immediate action from both the State and the Central government.

Demanding intervention from the Centre, Rahul Gandhi said that the deaths were a result of starvation and not illness as claimed by the TMC.  However, the TMC continues to deny the charges by maintaining that the deaths were caused by a major illness.

Directing his censure towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress Vice President Gandhi said, “We talk about development, bullet trains, and changing the country, but no one cares about the cause of poor people and their future. I want people to talk about their problems and future.”

Addressing the tea workers among the crowd, Rahul said that the UPA had made laws like MGNREGA for poor people as it wanted all classes to progress simultaneously. “Sadly, our Prime Minister talks about “Chai Pe Charcha”, but has no concern for the workers who toil in the field for his tea.

I want to assure these people that I will fight for them and urge the West Bengal government and the Centre to do the same, for we do not want a country where people are dying and have a bleak future,” said Rahul.  

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