In a press briefing on Wednesday concerning the matter of the juvenile in the Nirbhaya case being released and the Juvenile Justice Amendment Bill stuck in parliamentary quicksand, Nirbhaya’s father told the press that the juvenile’s face should be exposed to the public and that a harsher punishment should be imposed on him. 
Upon being asked about Kejriwal’s plan for rehabilitation of the minor and an additional assistance of Rs.10,000, the father said that this action from the Delhi govt would encourage minors as it would give them the right to commit crimes and get away with a reward.
Nirbhaya’s father professed that the AAP govt during their election campaign had promised to keep women’s security as top priority when they came to power. 
When a reporter asked how the agitation that marked Nirbhaya’s incident was absent in recent cases of minor girls being raped and sexually assaulted, the father replied:
“It is indeed sad that people did not come forward when it (rape of minor girls) happened. The question is ‘why’ did people not come forward? During Nirbhaya’s incident, people who took to the streets–instead of the govt sending officials to talk–were beaten up by lathis,  bathed by water cannons, and were exposed to tear gas.”
The father compared the ill-treatment of the protesters to the Jallianwala Bagh incident. 
“What should people do? During the Nirbhaya incident protests, many young girls were a part of the protests. During the lathicharge, some of these girls were injured and suffered eye and leg injuries. None of these injured girls were compensated and now are maimed for life. 
“It is not that there is no anguish in people; they’re sharing the news on Facebook and Whatsapp, they’re doing the best they can. It is the government which is not doing anything at all,” he said. 
He added that the govt had enough financial freedom to provide facilities to protect women, but changes in political scenario kept hindering these developments. 
The juvenile in the Nirbhaya case is set to be released this month. 

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