Tuesday, September 27, 2022

155 Rohingyas sent to ‘Holding Centre’ in J&K as govt begins verification process

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In a major crackdown by the Jammu & Kashmir administration, a verification drive was started on Saturday to collect biometric and other information from Rohingyas in Jammu. At least 155 Rohingyas have been sent to the holding centre as a part of the verification process.

Many of the Rohingyas reached India illegally via Bangladesh after being persecuted in their home country and sought refuge in Jammu and other parts of India. The verification process of these Rohingyas Muslim took place at the MAM Stadium in the midst of tight security.

Abdul Hanan, a Myanmar national, told reporters that they filled up the forms and their fingerprints were taken by the authorities. Mukesh Singh, Inspector General of Police, Jammu Range, said in a press release that the 155 illegal immigrant Rohingyas who were living in the Union Territory of J&K were sent to the holding centre formed vide Home department notification dated 5th March 2021 on Saturday.

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According to the officials, the verification process of identifying more such immigrants is still in progress. This was done under section Foreigners Act’s section 3(2)e. These immigrants lacked the required travel documentation under section (3) of the Passports Act.

After they are sent to the holding centre, the nationality verification process will be followed as directed. The process of deportation of these illegal immigrants will begin after the nationality verification is completed, as per IG Jammu Mukesh Singh.

Some political parties and civil groups have urged the Centre to take urgent action to evict Rohingyas and Bangladeshis, claiming that their existence is a “conspiracy to change the demographic character” of the country and a “danger to regional stability.”

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