New Delhi: India is becoming a part of the military-security alignment also involving the US and Japan with a view to contain China, the CPI-M has said.

An editorial in the party journal ‘People’s Democracy’ said that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to India proved that the Narendra Modi government “is fully aligned with the US strategy in Asia”.

“The military-security alignment of the US, Japan and India is to serve the American plan to contain China. This cannot be in the interests of India,” it said in an editorial.

Japan, under Abe, is adopting an ultra nationalist posture vis-à-vis China. It is short-sighted of the Modi government to fall in line with the American game, said the journal.

The Communist Party of India-Marxist’s analysis said that during Abe’s visit to India, various agreements were signed which established close military and security ties with Japan.

This is what the US has wanted India to do as Japan and India are the two pillars in its Asia-Pacific strategy. It is under the urging of the US that the trilateral security alliance was forged during Modi’s visit to Japan in September 2014, it said.

“Two defence agreements were signed during Abe’s visit for joint defence production and to protect the sharing of military information between the two countries. Further, it was announced that Japan would become a regular member of the Malabar naval exercises. So far, these exercises were bilateral between India and the US, with Japan only participating two or three times. Now it will become a trilateral naval exercise,” the editorial said.

It is on the basis of this close military and strategic relationship that Japan has agreed in principle for a nuclear cooperation agreement with India, it said.


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