Speaking with NewsX about the Nirbhaya juvenile case, Nirbhaya’s parents talk regarding the decision of the High Court over the release of the juvenile.  
NewsX: Do you think that a betrayal has happened against your family, against Nirbhaya, against Jyoti? 
Mother: A joke has happened, a joke. 
NewsX: Why a joke? 
Father: A joke because . . . the court is for big people, not for people like us. If it had been a minister’s daughter, the juvenile would’ve been punished by now. But this is the talk of a common man; it might not be like this. What the court is doing is not right, but let’s see; we’re not higher than the court. So we can’t do anything. Whatever the court has done is to encourage criminals to commit more crimes. 
NewsX: Ashaji, what were you hoping from the court? What kind of hopes did you have? Dr. Subramanian Swamy challenged the court till the end; did you think he would make an impact? 
Mother:  Definitely. When he filed the petition, I called him and personally thanked him for helping and supporting us. It felt good that from this entire society, there was at least one person who understood our suffering and stood up for us. At first, we approached the Supreme Court and then the High Court. I thought that if the High Court accepted the petition, there would be justice and it would also teach the children in our society that such crimes would not go unpunished. But the decision taken by the court today has hurt us immensely; he will be released this Sunday. 
Q: Ashaji, there are some NGOs which hold the view that such juvenile should not be dealt with harshly, and that they should be given a second chance to improve their life and change their mindset. You are not satisfied with this explanation? 
Mother: Definitely not. They are encouraging such crimes. There are juveniles who relentlessly take to such acts again and again and the court releases them three or four times before they’re adults. Why don’t they think about it then? What about all those girls who want to live safely in society and study and move ahead in life? What about their rights? What about our daughter’s right? Have they gone to those houses where 2- or 3-year-old children have been molested and have they tried to convince them that it is wrong to punish a juvenile? Have they ever told us we deserve justice? It is because they’re involved in the crime themselves and because they want more power. If everyone had understood this, the society would be much safer. 
Q: Ashaji, the JJ Board is going to take the case now. Have you met any members of the JJ Board? 
Father: What has the JJ Board done till now? They have done nothing; what will they do now? They’re just fooling us. 
Mother: The need of the hour is to change the system. The need of the hour is to provide justice to all the women of the nation. We have to change the old system. There’s no need for tears; there is a need for justice: Justice for our small girls. 
 Q: In your view, who is the biggest culprit?
Father: The biggest culprit is the law and the lawmakers. 
Q: Do you think they’ll listen to you and pass the bill in parliament? 
Father: They won’t do it. They’re constantly quarreling among themselves; there is no way they will listen to us.