After the Patiala House Court granted bail to Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi, the key petitioner in the National Herald Case Subramanian Swamy briefed media about the court proceedings.

Swamy spoke exclusively to NewsX and said, “Today I came prepared for these people as they said that they will not take bail or if the bail is given the court should not give it without signing any bond so I came prepared for that argument.”

“The Gandhis came with a prepared bail letter and said that they will take the bail, sign the bond and their surety will also come,” said Swamy. “I want them to be prosecuted, convicted and then sent to jail; that is what my stand has been from day one in this case.”

On being asked about Swamy’s plea to the court to keep the Gandhis’ passports, Swamy said that the Gandhis had a habit of disappearing which lead to delays in the trial, but Kapil Sibal interrupted and said, “No, there is no such question.”

The Judge also said that because both the leaders held such a responsible position, therefore he didn’t feel that they could disappear. “So tomorrow if they will not disappear then my work is done,” Swamy added.

Swamy responded to the Gandhi’s arguments that they were not afraid and said, “It’s a childish way of speaking that we are not afraid; if they feel that this is an argument then they should say this in the court”. “On National Herald I have never spoken to the PM,” the BJP leader added.

The Court has decided February 20, 2016 as the next date for the hearing in this case. Swamy said that he was ready for the matter to be taken up in January 2016 but they pleaded and said, “Please extend it till February 20,” to which he agreed. On Feb 20, Swamy will lead fresh arguments and the court will have the right to cross examine his witnesses.

Responding to the Congress’s charge about the central government’s decision to issue him a bungalow, Swamy said, the decision arose due to security issues. He had enjoyed ‘Z’ class security in the past, which had later been down-contracted. The present government after assessing Swamy’s security file felt that his security should once again be re-introduced.

Earlier, Swamy while speaking to media soon after the court’s judgement said, “I will win this case during the year 2016. Both Sonia and Rahul Gandhi will be sentenced to prison terms.  The National Herald case is an open and shut case; it’s based on documents and not on witnesses”. 



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