In what was supposedly shoved with belated urgency in the ongoing parliamentary session, the Rajya Sabha today decided unanimously that the Juvenile Justice Amendment bill will be discussed in the parliament tomorrow within the remaining two days of the parliamentary session. 

Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman P.J. Kurien addressed the issue of the impending bill by stating that the “chair was still ready to take up the bill if the house was ready.” But as it was decided by the house in the morning that the bill was going to be discussed tomorrow, the chairman added that it was imperative to discuss the bill tomorrow itself. 

“It has to be brought tomorrow. It has to be discussed and disposed of. . . I would say passed by tomorrow,” said the speaker. 

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu said that the “bill was very sensitive and important.” He stated that there should be no impression on the mind of the public that neither the govt is willing to bring it forward nor the opposition is willing to pass it. 

“Manekaji has talked to me regularly about the bill. Two days are left now; let us discuss it at the earliest tomorrow morning,” said the minister. 

Naidu further added that there were still 17 bills to be passed and if the passing of the bills were constantly being stalled, it would send a bad message to the public. 




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