One of the finest legal brains in India Mr Ram Jethmalani has decided to represent Mr Arvind Kejriwal and others in a defamation case filed by Mr Arun Jaitley.
Here is Mr Jethmalani’s exclusive interview to NewsX.
NewsX: People are extremely angry with you; they said that you are not a man of principles. First you said that Arvind Kejriwal is the B team of Congress and now you have joined hands to represent him and defend him.   
Jethmalani:  This is an idiotic suggestion to make. I appear for any accused who is accused of any offence and wants to defend himself. Under the law I cannot refuse to defend a person. I owe no duty to explain to anyone why am I appearing fora particular person.
NewsX: How much are you charging for Kejriwal?
Jethmalani: Nothing. It’s for free. In 90% cases I do not charge anything.
NewsX: You are trying to settle your personal scores with Jaitley and that is why you chose to defend Mr Arvind Kejriwal, whom otherwise you have criticized on several occasions?
Jethmalani: I have got better things to do than settling my personal scores with Arun Jaitley.
NewsX: What happens in a defamation case? Will you be cross-examining Mr Jaitley?
Jethmalani: If he has the courage to go and stand in the witness box then of course he will have to face my questions.
NewsX: Any advice for Jaitley?
Jethmalani: No. Had he taken my advice, he would have not committed suicide by expelling me from the party.  I owe that man no duty of any kind.
NewsX: Is it because of you being expelled from BJP that you want to teach them a lesson by fighting a case against them?
Jethmalani: It is fresh trouble being created for Kejriwal and anybody who comes to me I have the duty and the responsibility to fight the person’s case. 

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