Discussing the Juvenile Justice Amendment bill in the Rajya Sabha, Maneka Gandhi today addressed the specificities of the JJ bill and how it will create a difference in handling of juvenile crimes in the future.


Women & Child Development Minister, Maneka Gandhi, addressed the public’s concern about the efficaciousness of the bill and the practicality of the proposed workings of the bill.


The minister expounded on the working of the JJ bill by pointing out certain changes that are planned to be introduced:


  • A ‘Mahila’ Special Police Officer will be appointed across different regions in India who will work as a facilitator for women who are being abused. The police officer will be older than 21 years.


  • The Juvenile Justice Board will consist of political authorities who are capable and well-versed in handling cases of sexual abuse and are adept to run the board. The Juvenile Justice Board will be refined again and again.


  • On the condition of the juvenile remand homes and their effect on the juveniles, it will be ensured that the govt partners with the best NGOs in the country. These NGOs will conduct an annual assessment of juvenile behaviour and the remand home. This initiation will take place regardless of whether the bill passes or not.


  • Lawyers will act as legal experts who will study the criminal nature of the incident and make critical assessment of the case before reaching any conclusion. The appointed lawyers will not act as representatives of the children.


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