NEW DELHI: The Home Minister Rajnath Singh paid homage to the martyrs of the BSF plane crash that took place in Delhi yesterday. Kiren Rijuju, Minister of State for Home and Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung also paid their tributes to the victims of the tragic incident.
Rajnath Singh met with the family members of the BSF troopers and paid condolence to them. The family members, adversely affected by the unfortunate accident questioned the Home Minister on the technical snag which led to the unfortunate end of the troopers. 
The family members were in a dire state of mind. Had the plane been technically updated and properly checked before departing, this never would have happened.
One of the relatives of the troopers asked as to why a plane older than 20 years was still in use and why the troopers were made to sit in such an old plane?
The relatives questioned as to why soldiers had to suffer all the time? Why is it always that the families of the soldiers have to bear the loss of losing their near and dear ones?
Rajnath Singh maintained silence initially but could not hold his emotions for long and broke down seeing the condition of the families of the deceased. 
The accident that led to the death of these troopers took place yesterday when a charter plane carrying 10 BSF officers, on detecting a technical snag prompted to do an emergency landing. While taking a u-turn, the plane hit a tree and crashed into a sewage treatment plant at IGI. 

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