MUMBAI: Actor Salman Khan’s driver Ashok Singh on Monday appeared before the court and said that ‘he was driving the car and not the actor’ at the time of the accident in Mumbai in 2002 which killed one person and left four injured.

The driver further said, “I was driving when the tyre burst and the brake got jammed. I saw that people were trapped beneath. I got out of the right side and Salman Khan too got out of the right side as the left door was jammed and I along with Salman tried to lift the car but we couldn’t.”

Last week, Salman appeared before the court and recorded his statement and claimed, “A false case has been registered against me. My driver was driving on that fateful day. (Also Read: 2002 Hit and Run Case: “I was not driving the car”, Salman Khan says in the court)

Salman was asked 418 questions by the judge in the court. His sister was also present there when he recorded his statement. 

According to the prosecution, Salman Khan was driving the car and was under the influence of liquor at the time of accident; however, the Bollywood star has denied the charges.

On being quizzed about the case, Khan said, “I do not want to examine myself but would like to examine defence witnesses.”