Gurgaon: A woman who was brazenly kidnapped outside of a college in broad daylight on Monday by 3-4 unidentified men has been finally rescued by police after eight hours. 
The incident was captured in a CCTV camera installed outside a hotel near the college. Outside the D.S.D. College on New Railway Road, the kidnappers dragged the woman inside a car and scuttled away from the scene. 
Although two onlookers rushed to the girl’s rescue, they were not able to catch up with the speeding car. 
Gurgaon police commissioner said that three people have been identified in the kidnapping of the girl. The kidnappers were known to the victim and had accosted her to the car where they forcibly dragged her along with them. 
“The girl has been rescued. She is safely at home. Police officers are along with her; investigating the matter. The boys have been identified and they will be arrested soon,” said the police commissioner. 


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