MELBOURNE: After his controversial remarks over the umpiring at the India-Bangladesh match that smashed Bangladesh out of semi-finals, International Cricket Council (ICC) President Mustafa Kamal has once again offered comments that are set to create controversy. He said that the governing body of the game denied him his right to the present the winner’s trophy at the post-match presentation ceremony of the World Cup final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Sunday.

In spite of ICC’s amendments of its rules in January this year to mandate that the President is supposed to give the trophies at the global competitions, the trophy to the winning team Australia was handed over by ICC Chairman N Srinivasan.

“I was supposed to give the trophy,” Kamal was quoted as saying by on Monday.  He further added, “It is my constitutional right. But very unfortunately, I was not allowed to do so. My rights were dishonored. After I go back home, I will let the whole world know what’s happening in ICC. I will let the whole world know about those guys who are doing these mischievous things.”

The President however explained that he would not associate Sunday’s rejection with his controversial comments that he offered following the Quarter-Final match between India and Bangladesh on March 19. 

Kamal after Bangladesh’s defeat in the match pointed at the integrity of the umpires and said that they decision given by the umpires favoured Team India.

A day after, the ICC’s Chief Executive, Dave Richardson termed the criticism from Kamal ‘unfortunate’.

The amendment to the memorandum and articles of association was unanimously approved by ICC’s full council in January 2015.

(With IANS Inputs)