GOA: The immense energy of music aficionados on Day 2 at the Sunburn Goa 2015 told the story of how the festival delivered another full day of madness.
The four-day music festival, which began here on December 27, ended with a bang on Monday night, building colourful memories, giving throwback times for the fans of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and took the expectations a notch higher for the days to come.
Ranging from tropical House music by international artist KYGO to Dyro’s electro music and Anish Sood’s beats, there was something for every fan present on the venue.
Of all people who had two left feet, some unlocked happiness and ended up doing bhangra while others showed-off their loony dance moves on the crazy heart-thumping music.
From neon lights to tiaras to different head gears, the fans went all out, enjoying every minute of festival’s Day 2.
Although KYGO headlined the day, Dyro took everyone’s breath away by connecting with the Indian audiences. He remixed Hindi songs like “kundi mat khadkao raja” and Punjabi songs many Indians wouldn’t even know about.
Being the only female DJ performing at the venue, Avantika Bakshi owned the Techno Stage.

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