Looks like, troubles are not ready to leave Baba Ramdev alone. First he faced the issue of FSSAI licence for the sale of his Patanjali noodles and now a ‘Fatwa’ has gone out against him. A Muslim group in Tamil Nadu has issued a ‘Fatwa’ against Baba Ramdev, who is the founder of the Patanjali Group of products. 
The Muslim group has objected to the use of cow urine in Patanjali products which as per them is ‘Haram’ in their religion. The Fatwa has been issued more as a warning to the Muslims to not consume his products due to the presence of cow urine which does goes totally against their Islamic beliefs. 
TNTJ Fatwa issued, mentions, “Cow’s urine is ‘haram’ according to Muslim beliefs. TNTJ issues a ‘Fatwa’ that products of Patanjali are ‘haram.’
Though the Fatwa has been raised allegedly due to the presence of cow urine in products of Patanjali Group, but questions that are being raised are—is the opposition to Ramdev’s products or to Ramdev himself and is Ramdev being targeted for his close association with BJP.  

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