After the Bharatiya Janata Party suspended its member Kirti Azad for allegedly defaming the party, the debarred MP wrote in a letter addressed to the disciplinary committee of the BJP that he hadn’t drawn any untoward attention to the party. 
Remaining defiant and defensively holding his own ground, Kirti Azad wrote in the letter that he had not named anyone or enacted any actions which were “anti-party” in nature. 
The suspended MP stressed his rebuttal on four points which would deny him a direct involvement with BJP’s accusations:
1. Kirti Azad said that he had not named anyone in particular. 
2. Since he had spearheaded the campaign pertaining to DDCA irregularities 9 years ago, it was wrong of the BJP to accuse him of any anti-party activity. 
3. Azad said that he had, in no way, spoken against the Bharatiya Janata Party. 
Azad also mentioned that the Prime Minister and the BJP leaders had done their best to win in the Bihar polls. 
Kirti Azad’s exhausted response will first go to the Headquarter of the BJP National General Secretary, Arun Singh, after which the BJP disciplinary committee will take over the matter. 

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