New Delhi: As the Delhi government’s odd-even scheme for cars was enforced in the national capital on Friday, people gave mixed reactions on social networking and microblogging sites.

The Delhi residents expressed support for the scheme by writing ‘I am with odd-even’ on Twitter.

“25 kms stretch from home to office… saw only three cars with even numbers. Delhiites supporting #IamWithOddEven,” Shabnam Hashmi, an activist tweeted.

In another tweet, she said: “Arvind Kejriwal, this will save travel time for me and I am sure for all others along with controlling pollution. Must succeed.”

Some even declared the scheme ‘successful’ on the very first day. “Can say there are less number of people on roads but majority of them with odd numbers,” one of them wrote.

“It indicates success,” Malaya K. Nayak wrote.

“All odd-numbered cars on road, took half the time to reach places. I think it’s working very well,” Sourabh Jain said.

Aekta Kapoor said: “The roads were clear and I saw just one even-numbered car. It wasn’t hard to share the car. Looks like we can make this work.”

However, there were many who doubted the success of the scheme from January 4 onwards, since many offices closed on the weekend and New Year celebrations would open from Monday.

“The real test though would lie in how Delhi reacts from January 4 onwards. There’s no doubt, all Delhities want climate to change for the better,” Rahul Mehra tweeted.

Some people even voluntarily participated in the scheme despite exemptions.

“My CNG car exempted but still I will participate in odd-even scheme. It’s our responsibility first, later government’s duty,” Pawan Sharma said.

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