With the terror onslaught in Pathankot attack marking its third day on Indian soil, seven lives of Indian army men have been claimed with many jawans still engaging themselves in the fierce gun-battle. As per current reports five militants have been killed so far. The area is being sanitised and army personnel are making sure there is no further threat to the area. It is suspected that a group of five terrorists are still hiding in the Punjab air base. 
Albeit India and Pakistan have showed the inclination to re-initiate the peace dialogue, this recent fusillade against the Indian army in the IAF base seems to suggest otherwise.
Occurring just seven days after PM Narendra Modi made a ‘surprise’ visit to Lahore and greeted Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif on his birthday; this attack has led to the probable conclusion which might suggest at lack of overtures for peace from the Pakistani side.
With the death of the country’s seven brave sentinels—Lt. Col. Niranjan, Major Fateh Singh, Constable Kulwant Singh, Havaldar Sanjiv Kumar, Havaldar Sanjeevan Rana, Gursewak Singh, Jagdish Singh, there have been a string of varied reactions from different sectors of the Indian political society.
Indian Union Cabinet Minister, Kalraj Mishra stated to the press that the government was going to give compensation to the family of the martyrs.
Taking the discontent directly to Pakistan, Congress leader Veerappa Moily addressed the press thus: “We don’t understand this hypocrisy of Pakistan. At one side they like to talk to our Prime Minister and also the NSA, but on another side they continue with their notorious activities and also aggression on our Army and our Forces. So this has to be put an end to somewhere. And we request strong goodwill on behalf of our people and strong will to fight off these issues.”
Congress party member Manish Tewari, criticising the government for practicing restraint, said, “Prime Minister Modi should immediately call off the foreign secretary level talks. Mr. PM, are we waiting for another terrorist attack to take the obvious step? There is nothing which is going to be gained from engaging with Pakistan, this govt should immediately call off the talks.”
Sandeep Dikshit, a Congress leader, said, “It’s showing that there is a lack of commitment or complete confusion in govt in regard to tackling terrorism and how to tackle Pakistan. The Prime Minister seems to be on a celebratory tour of himself. On the other hand, no positive … fundamentally … long term steps are being taken in regard of sponsoring of terrorism in Pakistan.”
Though the vast attention of the majority shifted towards the operations still ongoing in Pathankot, Punajb, this terror incident did not swerve to avoid due politicisation.
Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, a leader of the BJP, attacked the Congress party for their censure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “Even in the most difficult of times, the country is getting united. In these situations, the Congress party has to learn lessons from the country’s history. They have even forgotten the common decency; it is a symptom of their mental inadequacy. We’re working with zero tolerance against the terrorists; national security is our priority,” he added.
Congress leader Shashi Tharoor Tweeted his condolences for the deceased soldiers.



India is scheduled for Foreign Secretary level talks with Pakistan on the 15th of January. As per reports the NSAs may meet before the FS talks happen.

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