Amidst the Pathankot terror attack, it seems a misinformation campaign to claim the responsibility of the attack has just started with the United Jihad Council (UJC) claiming to take responsibility of the terror attack in Pathankot Air Base.

As per reports of a local news agency, a gentleman claiming to be the spokeperson of United Jihad Council claimed responsibility of the Pathankot attack. He went on to say that it was the UJC that led this attack but there were certain facts in his statement that were not clear.

Usually such responsibilities are claimed by individual outfits. UJC being an umbrella organization of all the militant outfits operating in Jammu and Kashmir, what is not clear is as to which individual militant outfit is responsible for this attack, if at all it is. Unlike various outfits claiming responsibility of attacks in the past, it is rare where UJC has claimed responsibility of any such kind.

By launching this misinformation campaign it is possible that Pakistan is trying to divert India’s attention from itself and is instead trying to shift the blame on the Kashmiri terrorists. The UJC being based out of PoK, Pakistan by using its name for the current Pathankot attacks is trying to shift focus from the JeM outfitand actually is blaming the Kashmiri terror outfits for having operated in Pathankot in the past two days.

However, this gives Pakistan ISI the plausible deniability that it always seeks after such terror attacks to give their commentators, diplomats, their own media a chance to throw the ball back into India’s court to shield its own agents, its own perpetrators with known links to the establishment that have been responsible for this attack.

All these claims being received should be in the public domain taken with a large pinch of salt and must be examined as what they actually are.

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