In a massive revelation, the DGP of Andhra Pradesh, Goutam Savang IPS exposed the conspirators behind the alleged attacks on temples in the state , during a media interaction on Friday. As many as 17 accused with known ties with the TDP and 4 accused affiliated go the BJP have been identified in 9 such cases. While 15 of them have been arrested by far, the hunt for the rest is still on. Speaking about the same, the DGP , said ,’ Certain people belonging to certain political factions with vested interests are intentional resorting to such propaganda to drive their agenda home’.

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It is important to note that the list of accused with political affiliations includes Challa Madhusudhan Reddy from the TDP and the BJP Mandal Secretary of Dompet, Konchada Ravikumar. This new revelation goes onto prove what the Government led by the CM himself has been saying for quite sometime. During a recent speech, the CM went onto put out a list of 9 examples which indicated that each time the Government is due to a launch a welfare initiative for the upliftment of the citizens, propaganda in the name of ‘attacks on temples’ was unleashed by the opposition, to sabotage the same. A total of 44 cases pertaining to Idol thefts, Idol Desecrations , digging in the premises of temples and vandalisation have been resgistered by far. While 29 of them have already been detected, investigation is on in the rest. The Government , with the help of the police force has got as many as 44,451 CCTV cameras installed in 13,296 temples across the state, apart from forming 18,050 ‘Grama Security Teams’.