In a huge breakthrough, National Investigation Agency (NIA) has recovered footprints of terrorists from the riverine area near Pathankot. 
It is suspected that terrorists might have infiltrated the Pathankot airbase from here. The markings also suggest Pakistan’s role in the attack as the shoe markings match those of shoes recovered from the terrorists during the operation. The shoes have been made by EPCOT Pvt. Ltd, the largest manufacturer of leather shoes in Pakistan. 
The footmarks were discovered by a farmer in the riverine area, who after sensing suspicion informed the BSF about his discovery. 
However, the big question remains whether Pakistan will accept its role in the terror attack and take action against the anti -India machinery working on its soil and finally take action against the perpetrators?
On January 2, five terrorists attacked the Air Force base in Pathankot, Punjab. The battle that ensued left seven army personnel and five terrorists dead.