In the Malda district of TMC-ruled West Bengal on Wednesday, fresh violence erupted between two groups which lead to the incineration of state transport buses, ransacking of public properties and destruction of police stations.  
With the West Bengal Assembly elections around the corner, this incident of communal agitation is being interpreted as the concoction of aggressive political tactics by the Trinamool Congress. Ten people have been arrested so far for spreading violence in the region and Section 144 has been imposed.  
However, according to sources, this mass upheaval in the streets of Malda is open to two versions of interpretation: 
1. The violence was instigated by anti-national elements who were bent on destroying and eradicating the crucial charge sheeting of locals involved in the illegal activity of fake currency business. 
2. The ‘dark’ communal riot was sparked after a right-wing leader made blasphemous comments which provoked massive public outrage. There are strings of other leaders who are also accused of stoking communal tension with their comments. 
Politicians testing the sensitivity of emotive issues in the public have been a recurring theme of getting reelected to power. Netas are accused of whipping up these communal riots to gain numbers in the vote bank. 
With state assembly elections bound to take place before May, the TMC in the region, headed by Mamata Banerjee, is working all possible angles in hopes of being re-elected again. 
Rahul Sinha, BJP president in West Bengal, said, “What happened in Kaliya Chowk is the work of a traitor. They (people) thought that the NIA enquiry was soon going to be conducted in the Kaliya Chowk police station. The Kaliya Chowk police station was where all the documents pertaining to the illegal activity of fake currency was present. On 1st January, someone issued a statement against someone else. And on 3rd January, to destroy all the evidences in the police station, a religious issue was raked up. So we are protesting because of this.” 
A three-member BJP delegation was also stopped from entering Malda. 

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