New Delhi: A NewsX investigation has exposed a shocking security lapse in Pathankot. Fatigues similar to ones worn by the Indian Army are selling in open shops in the city for as less as Rs 2000. Remember the six terrorists who attacked the Pathankot Airbase in the city were all disguised as army men.

To sell army fatigues like this is a big security lapse with no checks being made at all. It has been seen that in most of the terror attacks in the valley, many of the terrorists land up in army fatigues. This is a security need that should have been tackled a long time ago. But instead of that what we are seeing is yet another security nightmare. Army fatigues should not be available easily to the common man or bought off the shelf.

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When asked about this lapse defence expert RSN Singh had the following to say on the issue, “Yes I think it’s not only limited to what has happened in Pathankot but happens elsewhere too in the country. People have been using army and police uniforms to carry out crimes against the State. There should be some law which should make it a criminal offence to use a uniform. This is happening a bit too often.”

Singh also said, “If people are so fond of uniforms they can have their own type of uniform that they can design for themselves. But at least for god sake please exempt the army and police uniforms,” he said.

What we fear is that somewhere along this probe these nitty gritties will be forgotten. There is a need for the authorities to take a lapse like this seriously and clamp down the easy availability of army fatigues. Though the ugly reality is that possibly this is a situation in many more parts of the country, not just in Pathankot, something that the authorities will have to take a serious note of.


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