New Delhi: Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi has raked up a controversy yet again. Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) has attacked Bassi for his statement regarding the treatment of rapists. His remarks are bound to uphold human rights.

The statement by CHRI states: We are deeply perturbed by the comments of the Delhi Police Commissioner in which he said the police would shoot or hang perpetrators of crimes against women on the spot if the Constitution of India allowed this. It is disturbing that the leadership of one of the largest police forces in the world appears to endorse tactics akin to extrajudicial killings that bypass due process.

Replying to the above Delhi Police Commissioner Bassi said, “We do everything by the law and we have to follow the legal norms. Whatever provisions have been made by the law we have to work within those rules. We cannot get excited and take the law in our own hands, no matter how heinous the crime.”

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